• We are delighted that you want to see our show and we look forward to hosting you. 
  • However note that fair usage policy applies here. We implore you to only reserve 1 seat at a time so that others get a good chance of seeing the show. 
  • And please don't book twice! It clutters the system.
  • Note that you would be required to show your a Photo ID card and the email confirmation you will receive upon your reservation at the gate. No need to Print. Just keep it handy on your mobile phone. Print only if you don't have a Smart Device.
  • The Shows are FREE but your kind cash donations at the show would be appreciated or can make a donation now using the link under the support tab.
  • Also note that we may take your picture(s) at the show which may find their way to the internet to promote our work, and we won't be paying for the exposure.
  • Thank you and kindly bring some kindness along to the show.