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Live Theatre Lagos is the rebranded name for Live Theatre on Sunday. The name change was necessitated by the need to have a well-rounded brand representation for our theatre productions.

Live Theatre on Sunday started in 2008, as a renaissance project aimed at achieving the following overarching objectives:

  • bringing the art and craft of stage play back      to its once prominent position in Nigerian entertainment and popular      culture.
  • provide empowerment for a new generation of      theatre artists.

Our core belief is that theatre shows should drive social awareness, social change and social development, with themes that are germane to trending social and national dialogue; exploring the issues in a fun manner but making sure to call the audience’s attention to the all-too-important subject matters.

Thus far, Live Theatre Lagos has produced over 200 stage performances in the past 9 years. These have featured notable figures in Nigerian entertainment industry including Taiwo Ajai-Lycett, OON, Bimbo Akintola, Kenneth Uphopho (‘Saro The Musical’, ‘London Life, Lagos Living’ , ‘Lagos Fringe’, and ‘Paw Studios’) Chigul, Jide Kosoko, EMMAOHMYGOD, Oreka Godis (Host, UrbanFM and Ebonylife TV’s Love Lounge , Actress and Celebrity), Patrick Diabuah (‘Saro The Musical’, ‘Before30’, ‘Wakaa The Musical’), Debbie Ohiri (Naija Woman ‘Hear Word’),  OC Ukeje and a host of other fantastic talents. 

Undoubtedly, we have made a remarkable contribution to the re-awakening of the public interest in theatre, dramatic and stage performance arts in Nigeria due to our pragmatic approach. We remain committed to our goal of pushing theatre to the frontier of Nigeria’s popular culture.

In 2019, our plays would happen on the 3rd weekend of every month and would feature 5 Free performances monthly from April - December, 2019. Our plays are targeted at youths, mass affluent and family audience and offers a great avenue to drive social change. Although our shows are free, they are premium because audiences get their tickets by special benefits and associations, only such as invitation shared on our social media pages or our sponsors.


Promoting Social Harmony

  Lagos (and Nigeria at large) can sometimes be very pressure laden. Our primary objective is to package and put on stage amazing, exhilarating stage performances on a regular basis that would help our audiences relieve their stress, enable the individual’s wellbeing; thus, enrich lives through our free family-friendly and fun stage performances.  

Social Development

 Our project is structured to impact schools of Theatre Arts, Drama and Performing Arts in Nigeria by providing hands-on training for their students. This provides the students with a veritable opportunity to hone their craft and build their profile which will be very useful for employment after their graduation. More so, we work with Primary and Secondary schools; engaging their students for our productions thus exposing them to employment opportunities and disciplines in the stage performance arts.

Literary Development

 We are proactive in our work with new writers, offering them a platform to showcase their work and an opportunity to earn an income.

Culture Showcase

  The huge demand for foreign media has the potential to erode our indigenous cultural values and this can have a negative impact on the progression and continuity of our rich cultural heritage. Live Theatre Lagos puts a strong emphasis on showcasing Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage via our storytelling and our stage aesthetics. We ensure that we put our culture on display all the time.

Employment and Social Enterprise

Our production provides employment for actors, technical crew and individuals in the ancillary production industry (welfare, catering logistics and media production). The value we bring to society is much more than entertainment. We actively contribute our quota to the development of the Nigerian entertainment industry which engages more than 1.5million Nigeria youths.